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Aircraft Maintenance

From apprentice to Cat. B1.1 - Cat. B1.2 & Cat. C licensed engineer and shift-leader
over a period of more than 27 years.

From turboprop aircraft to wide-body aircraft, 
from line maintenance to heavy maintenance
and from home base to outstation.
I have the experience.

The following types are on my Part.66 License:
Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM56 & V2500)
B737 – 300/400/500 (CFM56)
BAe146 / AVRO RJ (ALF500)
Embraer 135/145 (AE3007 A)
Embraer 170/190 (CF34)

Fokker F.50 (PW125/127)
Fokker F.70 and F.100 (RR Tay)

Maintenance Training
After gaining nearly 20 years of aircraft maintenance experience I entered the exciting world of aircraft maintenance training. Initially as a Practical Trainer in 2009 I became an EASA Part147 Theoretical and Practical Instructor on the Embraer 170/190 family and the Airbus A320 (CEO) family. Besides providing theoretical and practical training experience has also been gained as assessor and invigilator of training and exams. Additional to providing training over the years a lot of training (including Web-Based Training) was developed by me.

Flight Crew Training
In 2017 I left the Aircraft Maintenance industry and started as a Ground School Instructor
for Business Jet Flight Crews.
More specifically on the Bombardier Global Vision (BD700) and the Challenger 300/350 (BD100) Aircraft,
A requirement to be allowed to instruct Flight Crews is the completion of the Type Rating Training for each specific aircraft type. These Type Ratings were completed by me, allowing me to instruct
both the Global Vision and Challenger 300/350.
For these types I provided Initial (including procedure training), Recurrent and Renewal training

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