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For a safe Take-Off

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Possessing a wealth of experience in Aircraft Maintenance and a proven ability to supervise a team, consistently working at the highest standards of aircraft maintenance.
Experienced in motivating others to provide a high level of service whilst optimising team potentials. Believing that good team leadership, being part of a team and a wealth of experience brings increased standards and performance for the team and its members.


With a great amount of practical experience, the theoretical part of training comes alive. Practical training, no problem, the same experience that enriches the theoretical training I can provide a excellent learning experience in the practical field!
Not only the maintenance staff can benefit from this, also the Support Staff in your organisation can benefit from my experience. 
Need help developing training material? 
V2 Aviation is your ideal partner!


Are you looking for an aviation expert to train your Flight Crew?
With the necessary experience in Flight Crew Training and a wealth of aircraft maintenance experience 
V2 Aviation is your best choice.
Initial training, renewal training, recurrent training or procedure training V2 Aviation has the expertise to deliver exceptional training to your crew

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