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16th of June 2011

10 years ago to date, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is entered into service with Russian flag carrier Aeroflot.

Aeroflot SSJ100

The development of the Сухой Суперджет 100 (Sukhoy Superdzhet 100 or SSJ100) started in 2000 and the first flight was on the 19th of May 2008. The first commercial flight with an SSJ100 was on the 21st of April 2011 with Armenian Armavia.

Armavia SSJ100

The SSJ100 is manufactured in the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant in the far east of Russia and a range of suppliers is used (not limited to):

  • Powerplant, a joint venture between Safran (France) & NPO Saturn

  • Avionics, Thales

  • Landing Gear, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

  • APU, Honeywell

  • Flight Controls, Liebherr

  • Fuel Systems, Intertechnique

  • Hydraulic Systems, Parker Hannifin

  • Interior, B/E Aerospace

Initially, 3 versions were envisaged, the RRJ60, RRJ75 and RRJ95, where the 60, 75 and 85 were reflecting the estimated seating capacity. At the 2005 Farnborough Air Show, the RRJ95 development name was renamed the Sukhoi Superjet 100. That same year Aeroflot signed the first order for 30 SSJ100 aircraft,

On the 19th of April 2011, the first production aircraft was handed over to the Armenian flag carrier Armavia. Followed shortly afterwards by delivery to Aeroflot. To baseline models are offered, the standard SSJ100/95B and the long-range version the SSJ100/95LR Some facts from the SSJ100/95B Datasheet (full version can be found by clicking here): Capacity

Flight Crew: 2

Minimum Cabin Crew: 2

Passengers: 98 (up to 108) Engines

Type: 2x PowerJet SaM146 turbofans

Thrust: 15,400 (68.5 KN) to 16,100 (71.6 KN) at NTO 17,500 (77.9 KN) to 17,800 (79.2 KN) with APR Flat Rating 86° F (ISA +15° C) Range

SSJ100/95B (98 pax @ 32" pitch): 1,645 nm (3,048 km) Speed Mmo: 0.81 M Cruise Speed: 0.78 M Altitude limit Operational ceiling: 40.000ft (12.192 meter) External Dimensions Length: 98' 2" (29,94 meter)

Wingspan: 91' 2" (27,80 meter)

Tail height: 33' 8" (10,28 meter) Weights MTOW: 01.150 lb (45.800 kg)

MLW: 90.390 lb (41.000 kg)

MZFW: 88.185 lb (40.000 kg)

Fuel Capacity: 4.175 Gallon (15.895 l)

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