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16th of April 1973

On this day in aviation history, we will have a short look at the Embraer Emb110 Bandeirante which entered into service with the (now defunct) Brasilian airline Transbrasil.

The Embraer Bandeirante is a twin-turboprop, unpressurised commuter aircraft build in 6 different versions, amongst others a commuter version, maritime patrol version and a 7 seat executive version.

The first (military) prototype, known as a YC-95, made its first flight on the 26th of October 1968. The first flight for the commercial version first flew on the 9th of August 1972. Production was stopped in 1990, after a production run of 494 aircraft. Some specifications for the Embraer 110 Bandeirante:

- Crew: 2

- Passengers: Maximum 18

- Length: 15.1 meters (49 ft 6 in)

- Span: 15.33 meters (50 ft 4 in) - MTOW: 5900 kg (13.007 lb)

- Fuel capacity: 1720 liters (450 US gal)

- Powerplant: 2x PT6A-34 driven 3 bladed Hartzell propellers

In October 2018, 50 years after its first flight nearly 500 deliveries, about 150 aircraft were still operating.

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