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21st of April 2011

After yesterday's entry into service of the Il-18, today we look at another entry into service of a Russian airliner. This time the Sukhoi Superjet 100.

The aircraft was delivered on the 19th of April, to Armavia at Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan, named Yuria Gagarin, After a 2 h 55 min flight the aircraft landed at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport 2 days later.

The design, development and construction of the aircraft involved over 30 partnerships.

From engine to avionics companies from all over the globe were involved. However, due to sanctions being imposed on Russia more and more Western components were replaced by Russian equivalents.

In Russia, the aircraft replaces the ageing Russian airliners like the Tu-134 and Yak-42. Due to reported reliability issues by the end of 2018, the emphasis was put on customer support and less on aircraft deliveries. A handful of the aircraft operates outside the Russian aviation industry.

Some specifications:

Cockpit crew 2

Seating 87 (2-class) to 108 (1-class) Length 29.94 m (98 ft 3 in)

Wingspan 27.80 m (91 ft 2 in)

Height 10.28 m (33 ft 9 in)

MTOW 45,880 kg (101,150 lb),

OEW 24,250 kg (53,460 lb),

Max. payload 12,245 kg (26,996 lb)

Max. Fuel 15,805 L (4,175 US gal), 12 328 kg with density of 0.78 kg

Ceiling 12,500 m (41,000 ft)

CruiseMach Mach 0.78 (828 km/h / 448 knots at FL400)

Max. cruise Mach 0.81 (870 km/h / 469 knots at FL400) Range (98 pax) 3,048 km (1,646 nmi),

Powerplant 2 x TurbofanSaM146-1S17

Thrust 68.5 kN (15,400 lbf)

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