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25th of April 1868

On This Day In Aviation History the man that would later design and build the first all-metal aircraft was born, his name John Bevins Moisant.

John Bevins Moisant (pictured here with his cat Mademoiselle Fifi) financed his aviation activities with some business ventures in EL Salvador, where he also got involved with some revolutionary activities.

He was the first pilot in history to fly passengers across a city (Paris) and also the first passenger flight across the English Channel is credited to him. A famous flying circus "the Moisant International Aviators" was co-founded by him. He lost his life after being ejected from his aircraft in the vicinity of New Orleans, Louisiana during 1910 Michelin Cup. Less than a year after getting his pilots license. One of the people that was inspired by him was a man called Clyde Cessna.........

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