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25th of May 1999

On this day in aviation history the A319-133X ACJ, or Airbus Corporate Jet makes its first flight.

Based on the Airbus A319 aircraft is has an extended range and higher service ceiling than its base model which seats 110-160 passengers and has a 3750 nm range. With up to 6 additional modular centre tanks in the cargo bay, the A319ACJ has a range of up to 6000 nm (with an eight-passenger payload) and can cruise up to an altitude of 41.000ft. The maximum passenger load for the A319ACJ is 39.

Besides the 6 ACT's (Additional Center Tank) and the VIP interior the airframe is a "standard" Airbus A319. It uses the same engines and systems. Besides the A319ACJ and the "basic" A319, other versions of the A319 that are/were offered by Airbus are:

  • The Airbus A319 MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft), as a competitor to the Boeing P-8 Poseidon

  • The A319LR is the longer-range version of the A319. With an increased range of up to 4,500 nautical miles (8,300 km) compared to the standard A319. Qatar Airways was the launch customer. Only a limited number were built.

  • The A319neo (new engine option) is the renewed A319, which (as the name gives away) has new engines, CFM International LEAP-1A or the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G, But also aerodynamic improvements, Sharklet wingtips, modernised cabin and modernised air conditioning. The operating costs for an A319neo are reported to be 8% lower then the A319ceo (classic engine option)

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