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27th of April 2005

Not that long ago, only 16 years ago, this famous aircraft made its first flight. The project started already in 1988 as the ultra-high-capacity airliner (UHCA) project. In 1993 Boeing and Airbus and related compies start a joint study into a Very Large Commercial Transport (VLCT). In June 1994 Airbus decides to continue alone with the Very Large Commercial Transport (VLCT) project and in late 2000 gives €8.8-billion to go ahead with the now named A380 project. just over 5 years later the 1st prototype F-WOWW is unveiled in Toulouse, France on the 18th of January 2005. This aircraft would make the first flight on this date in aviation history..

Now years later the future for the A380 is not that positive. With the Covid-19 Pandamic large-capacity air transport has all but disappeared. The last ever built A380 rolled out of the factory in September 2020. A proud program comes to a premature end. Although A380's will be around for years to come it has not been the success that was anticipated at it inception.

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