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29th of April 1988

On this day in history, 2 firsts occurred.

First flight of a type and first commercial flight of a type with an operator. today's blog will therefore feature a double bill today!

Let's start with the first flight.

The first flight on this day was for the Boeing 747-400.

Announced during the 1984 Farnborough Airshow as the "Advanced Series 300". The aim was a 10% reduction in operating cost and 1000 nm more range. Engines were available from all major suppliers, P&W, GE and RR. In a three-class layout, it carries 416 passengers 7285 nm. A lesser-known special version (B747-400D) was developed for the Japanese domestic market, the biggest visual difference was the absence of winglets on this version.

The first commercial flight of a type with an operator. on this day in history was the Airbus A320 with British Airways.

The flight took off from London Gatwick and had Geneva as its destination. At one point British Airways had 59 Airbus A320 family on order, with an option for a further 129 aircraft!

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