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Friday 14th of October 2011, Blog #567

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

A Cessna 550 Citation II two took off from Mumbai-Chhatrapatu Shivaji International Airport to Surat Gujarat Airport, both in India. The purpose of the flight was operated as a training flight for the Proficiency Check of both flight crew members. After the necessary checks were completed the aircraft took off from Mumbai with 4400 lbs of fuel on board at 11.28 UTC. Besides the pilots, an inspector from the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) and a cabin attendant were onboard the aircraft.

The aircraft in its final position (© DGCA)

As per plan the captain flew the leg to Surat, after an uneventful flight the aircraft touched down for the first time without problems, following the landing the captain carried out a take off and go around. After these manouvre were completed the training / checking part of the flight for the captain was completed. The weather for the flight had been good an continue to be good, the following weather was passed to the crew by ATC;

  • Wind: - 340º at 4 knots

  • Visibility - 6 kilometers

  • Temperature - 34º

  • Dewpoint -23º

  • QNH - 1007hPa

Controls were then transferred to the co-pilot for his proficiency checks after the checks for the captain were completed. At 12.30 UTC the co-pilot completed a visual approach to runway 22 at Surat followed by a normal touchdown.

Immediately after landing, the aircraft viciously started going to the right. the pilot took over the controls and tried to prevent the aircraft from going to the right. However, this was unsuccessful, and the aircraft left the paved surface of the runway and entered the uneven grassy area beside the Runway 22-04 and came to a halt in a rainwater drainage channel on the right side of the runway. The pilot immediately switched off everything. On instruction from the pilot, after assessing the external condition, the LH side cabin door was opened by the Cabin Attendant and all rushed out and went away from the aircraft.

The aircraft ground track (© DGCA)

The damage to the aircraft was extensive;

  1. Right-hand main landing gear assembly ripped from attachments

  2. Left-hand main landing gear assembly ripped from attachments

  3. Nose landing gear assembly ripped from attachments

  4. Structural damage to both the wings

  5. Structural damage to the lower fuselage

  6. Wing to fuselage fairings damaged

  7. Stub wings damaged.

Besides the aircraft also two Runway edge light installations and one Taxiway light installation got damaged.

The aircraft in its final position (© DGCA)

The DGCA was alerted and an investigation into the runway excursion was initiated. in the investigation several issues were identified, the most relevant are listed below;

  • Aircraft and crew were properly certified for the intended flight

  • The aircraft landed at Surat beyond watch hours, and the Operator carried out no action to extend the watch hours of Surat ATC.

  • The landing checklist was not performed in the proper manner

  • Brake stator disks could not be identified by part number and serial number.

  • Maintenance on the brake system was not carried out as per the maintenance schedule.

  • A stator disk on the righthand brake was found broken, causing the wheel to jam and deflate on touchdown.

  • Cabin crew was not approved for the flight duties.

The probable cause was determined as follows;

"During the landing roll, the right-hand main wheel locked up due to a broken brake stator disc which resulted in the aircraft drifting to the right and a runway excursion.

The aircraft in its final position (© DGCA)

The extensive DGCA report which was the source for this blog can be reviewed by clicking on the .pdf file below;

Citation Runway Excursion 14-october-2011
Download PDF • 1.64MB

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