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10th of April 1931

What happened in aviation on this day in 1931? Well, another aviation record was set, again a speed record. This time single-engine bi-plane set the speed record.

The record flight actually started more than g days before! A De Havilland D.H. 60 Moth, G-ABHY, needed to be flown to its new owner in Australia from England. This flight and the attempt to break the speed record got the financial backing of the aircraft owner. On the 10th of April 1931, G-ABHY piloted by C.W.A. Scott arrived in Australia 9 days, 4 hours and 11 minutes after leaving England. Setting a speed record!

The De Havilland D.H. 60 Moth, as flown by C.W.A. Scot

And how does that compare to modern-day aviation? In 2019 Qantas flew London to Sydney non-stop with a Boeing 787 for project Sunrise, in 19 hours and 19 minutes!

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