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11th of May 1934

The DC-2 took flight for the first time on this date. It was the DC-2 that let to the DC-3 one of the most well known (historic) aircraft in the world. The Dc-2 itself was the result of the development of the DC-1, of which only one airframe was built. On the 15th of September 1933 the DC-1 was handed over to TWA after some modifications;

- Stronger engine

- Increased seating

After which TWA ordered 20 more aircraft, which were named DC-2, which incorporated the improvements made on the DC-1. Over the years several civil and military models were developed. One of the most famous civil aircraft is the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines DC-2

PH-AJU named "Uiver" (Stork).

It was entered in the London to Melbourne 'MacRobertson' air race in October 1934. It came in second, only to be beaten by the purpose-built de Havilland DH.88. Of the total journey time of 90 hrs and 13 minutes, it was airborne for more than 81 hours! Instead of flying the air-race route, it flew the standard KLM route to Melbourne, with all the regular stops (although started from London), which was 1000 miles longer than the race route. The aircraft was written off in a weather-related crash only 2 months later in Iraq.

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