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11th of May 2012

Updated: May 11, 2022

A Convair CV-580F SCD was operating a cargo flight between Miami (Florida, USA) and Guatemala City (Guatemala) on this day in aviation history in 2012. Onboard a crew of two.

The aircraft shortly after the accident (Source & © DGAC Guatemala)

After an uneventful flight, the crew was instructed to fly an approach to runway 19 at Guatemala City-La Aurora Airport. The approach was flown at a higher speed than required based on the meteorological conditions, aircraft landing configuration and weight.

The left-hand engine with the propellor missing, and the hole in the fuselage was caused by the separated propellor (Source & © DGAC Guatemala)

This was discussed by the crew neither crew member took action too late to correct this. Touch down, therefore, happened at a speed that was much higher than required. This caused several bounces on the nose landing gear as well as on the main landing gear. This caused the nose landing gear to fail and fold backwards. This in turn caused the propellers to contact the runway. The right propellor sustained heavy damage from contact with the runway. The left propellor and propellor hub broke away from the left-hand engine and ended up some distance from the fuselage after slicing a hole in the fuselage.

The separated propellor at some distance from the aircraft (Source & © DGAC Guatemala)

Finally, the aircraft came to a rest just to the left of the runway centerline. Both crew members evacuated the aircraft without injury. Although the damage was extensive, the aircraft was repaired and returned to service. An investigation into the accident was launched by the Unidad de Investigación de Accidentes of Guatemala. Which is part of the DGAC of Guatemala. (DGAC = Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil) Their report was published on the 10th of August 2017. This report is available by clicking here. Please note the report is in Spanish.

The damaged left hand propellor (Source & © DGAC Guatemala)

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