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12th of August 2010, Blog #504

An Airbus A319-111 was operating a scheduled passenger flight from Baku-Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Azerbaijan) to Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport (Turkey). Onboard the aircraft were 119 passengers and a crew of 7.

The aircraft resting on its lower fuselage after the nose gear collapsed (Source; © unknown)

After an uneventful flight, the aircraft was approaching the 2600 meter (8520 feet) runway 05 at Istanbul Airport. The weather was good;

  • Wind - 160º at 5 knots (variable between 130º and 190º)

  • Visibility - unlimited

  • Clouds - Few at 3500 feet

  • Temperature - 30ºC

  • Dewpoint - 24ºC

  • QNH -1012 mbar

Based on radar data it is assumed the aircraft crossed the threshold at a ground speed of 161 knots and touched down at 10.40 lt (local time). Although the crew attempted to exit the runway at the far end using taxiway E8, they were unsuccessful.

The aircraft overran the runway by approximately 10 meters, coming to step with the nose landing gear collapsed, backward against the lower fuselage. The main gear was still on the paved surface of the runway. There were no injuries to the passengers or crew. The passengers disembarked using mobile stairs.

The failed nose landing gear under the forward fuselage (Source; © unknown)

It was noticed that the flaps were retracted after the aircraft came to a standstill, it is unclear if they were retracted before coming to a stop or were never extended for landing. Damage to the aircraft was substantial, it was recovered from the soft ground and repaired.

The aircraft in its final position with the slats extended, and flaps retracted. (Source; © Unknown)

** Editorial note **

V2 Aviation - Training & Maintenance has not been able to obtain an investigation report on this accident. This blog is therefore based on several internet sources. Should there be an inconsistency in the blog don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There are two possibilities to do that, via the comments function at the bottom of this page or via the contact page of the website.

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