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16th of January 2018

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

A Bismillah Airlines BAe-748 Cargo aircraft (S2-AAX) had departed Cox’s Bazar Airport (Bangladesh) at 10.53 local time for a 1 hour and 10-minute flight to Jessore Airport (Bangladesh). After an uneventful flight, the aircraft touched down on Runway 34 of Jessore Airport at 12.03 local time.

The aircraft at the position where it came to a stop (Source AAIG-BD)

The landing and rollout were uneventful and the aircraft followed its taxi route towards its designated parking position. At one point during the taxi, the captain noticed four amber caution lights illuminating on the hydraulic panel. At the same time, the crew noticed that nose wheel steering had become ineffective and that the brakes had failed. A quick check of the hydraulic system made the crew aware of a total hydraulic failure, no pressure and no quantity.

The hydraulic compartment and the failed hydraulic fitting (Source AAIG-BD)

Now uncontrollable, and before the crew could take any action, the aircraft started to deviate to the left of the taxi track and rapidly left the paved taxiway surface. The left-hand main landing gear struck a concrete slap, bending backwards before collapsing. This caused the left-hand propellor to strike the ground, bending all four blade tips backwards. In the meantime, the crew was attempting to pressurise the hydraulic system with the handpump, as per emergency procedure, but were unsuccessful.

After coming to a stop the captain shut both engines down and the crew evacuated from the aircraft. The following damage was caused by the taxiway excursion;

  1. Portside, four (4) blade tips were bent and damaged

  2. Portside, Landing gear was broken from its attachment

  3. Portside Landing gear door damaged

  4. Portside Landing gear nacelle was damaged

  5. Hydraulic filter inlet fitting was broken

The latter in the list above was found to be the cause of the hydraulic failure, analysis showed a fatigue crack on the fitting.

Damaged propellor Broken landing gear mechanism (Source AAIG-BD) (Source AAIG-BD)

The full report on the incident from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Group of Bangladesh (AAIG-BD) can be read by clicking on the link below;

Report BAe748 S2-AAX 16jan18
Download PDF • 557KB

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