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15th of July 1916

On this day in aviation history, the timber merchant founded the Aero Products Company in Seattle, Washington, USA.

His name, William E. Boeing.

Prior to this day, William Boeing had already built his first aircraft with Conrad Westervelt The Boeing Model one (a.k.a. B & W Seaplane), see the blog on that aircraft by clicking here.

In 1917 the first of several name changes of the company was carried out;

  • 1917 it became the Boeing Airplane Company

  • 1928 it became the Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporation

Several companies were acquired in the following years, Chance Vought, Sikorsky Aviation, Stearman Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Metalplane. As the company grew it started several small airlines, Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport, Varney Air Lines and Pacific Air Transport on the 28th of March 1931 they would be combined and operate as one airline, United Air Lines. The company continued to grow by acquiring more and more competitors;

  • 1960, Vertol Aircraft Corporation

  • 1997 McDonnell Douglas

  • 2000 Hughes Electronics

In 2001 the headquarters for Boeing was moved to Chicago, and opened its first factory in Europe, in Sheffield, UK.

The company now has several (sub) decisions in the aerospace industry;

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA)

  • Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)

    • Phantom Works

  • Boeing Global Services

  • Boeing Capital

  • Engineering, Test & Technology

  • Boeing Shared Services Group

  • Boeing NeXt (exploring urban air mobility)

As of January 2021, the company employed >141.00o employees worldwide.

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