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15th of May 1793

Yes, we are going back in history to 1793, To the town of Coruña del Conde in the north of Spain.

The inventor Darin Marin Aguilera was inspired by the eagles he observed flying around.

He studied everything he could with respect to these birds and their ability to take flight. Weight and volume of the feathers, the weight of the bird. Nothing was left to chance. Wing movement and tail movement were studied extensively as well.

After 6 years of work Darin Marín Aguilera was ready, his flying machine was ready. On this day in 1793, he brought his glider to the castle of Coruña del Conde strapped himself into his glider flapped the wings he jumped of the castle and managed to glide a distance of somewhere between 300 and 400 metres before he crashlanded.

How true is this story? Apparently, the inhabitants of the town thought of him as a lunatic, a heretic and burned his 'aircraft'. No records or proof survived the passing of time, but the story lived on. And because of the lasting story, Darin Marin Aguilera is credited with being one of the first humans to attempt flight!

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