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1st of July 2007

An ATR 72-500 was operating a domestic flight between Bhopal Airport and Indore Aiport in India. On board the 7-years and 3-months-old aircraft, a crew of four, and 49 passengers. The aircraft was on its second of three sectors, Delhi-Bhopal-Indore-Delhi.

The aircraft after being dismantled (Source; ©Libon A Fernandes) After an unevent full flight the aircraft was approaching the 7480 feet (2280 meters) runway at Indore Airport. (Details on weather and runway are not available in the report issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India, DGAC). The touchdown on the runway was moderately hard causing the aircraft to bounce, In an attempt to recover from the bounce the crew increased engine power. This with the intention to reduce the sink-rate and set the aircraft down smoothly on the runway. The opposite happened, the aircraft touched down hard on the runway and bounced back in the air again. Several bounces followed as the aircraft continued down the runway. During this succession of bounces the aircraft left the paved surface of the runway coming to a halt on the right side of th erunway, close to the airport boundary wall. There was no post crash fire, the aircraft was evacuated, resulting in to some injuries among the aircraft occupants ( 2 serious and some minor injuries). The accident was investigated by the DGAC, in their report (available by clicking here) they gave the following probable cause;

"The pilot-in-command in absence of bounce recovery guidance adopted self-perceived technique and kept on adding engine power along with aircraft pitch manipulations to salvage the aircraft from the bounce on landing, and gravely damaged the aircraft structure."

Damage to the aircraftwas so severe it was written off, as damaged beyond repair.

The aircraft in better condition (Source; © Petr Popelar)

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