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20th of May 2018, Blog #600!!

A 2006 built Gulfstream G200 Galaxy was scheduled to operate a training flight at Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport in China. Onboard the aircraft a crew of three, an instructor, a captain under training and a co-pilot under training.

The aircraft in its final position (Source & © CAAC)

The flight was planned as follows;

  • Captain under training to fly 6 take off and landings from the left seat (instructor in the right seat)

  • Co-pilot under training o fly 6 take off and landings from the right seat (instructor in the left seat)

With all preparations complete the aircraft took off just before 14:00 lt (local time) and the first part of the training flight was completed as planned about an hour later. As planned the crew changed seats and the second part of the flight commenced about an hour after the start of the flight with the co-pilot as the pilot flying, After a normal take off the aircraft was vectored to an approach to runway 35, At 15:07 lt. the aircraft was 0,75 nm from touchdown. At a height of about 50 feet over the runway, the aircraft nosed down and landed 500 metres past the runway threshold to the right of the runway centerline with a 4,5° deviation to the right. The deviation was corrected by the pilot flying by steering the aircraft back to the centerline. After a landing roll of about 1000 meters, the aircraft continued to the left, leaving the paved area of the runway 150 meters later. After 165 meters the aircraft swerved right, crossed the runway and continued for 170 meters through the grass on the right side of the runway before coming to a stop.

The aircraft in its final position (Source & © CAAC)

The crew remained unhurt, the same could not be said for the aircraft which sustained extensive damage to the wings and both main landing gears, with fuel leaking from the left wing. Damage was so extensive that the aircraft was written off as damaged beyond repair. The CAAC (Chinese Civil Aviation Authorities) investigated the accident and in their report concluded that the probable cause for the accident was a combination of errors made by the crew;

  • Excessive sink rate on short final

  • The touchdown was to the right of the runway centreline with a 4,5º deviation to the right of the runway heading

  • The co-pilot control inputs were excessive

  • The instructor did not intervene in due time to expect recovery

The aircraft's path on the ground, right to left. (Source & © CAAC)

The investigation report by the CAAC (in Chinese) is available as a reference by clicking on the .pdf file below;

20180520 G200 Rwy Excursion
Download PDF • 521KB

** Editorial note **

V2 Aviation - Training & Maintenance has not been able to obtain an investigation report in English on this accident. This blog is therefore based on several internet sources. Should there be inconsistencies in the blog don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There are two possibilities to do that, via the comments function at the bottom of this page or via the contact page of the website.

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