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26th of March 2021 - 1 Year of Blogs -

A Beechcraft Kingair 200 was operating on a private flight from Eldoret Airport to Nairobi-Wilson Airport, both in Kenia. Onboard the pilot and 3 passengers for the (estimated) 40 minutes flight.

The aircraft is in its final position after the emergency landing. (source AAID, Kenya)

The aircraft had reached its cruise flight level (FL250) while 42NM from the Eldoret VOR, en route to Nairobi. when approaching Nairobi the aircraft was cleared to descent to FL100. During the descent to FL100, the flight encountered bad weather, including icing. The aircraft de-icing system was switched on to clear the ice off the wing, but this was not successful and ice remained on the wing leading edges. As they could not clear the wing or avoid the icing condition, the pilot requested a shortcut to Nairobi-Wilson Aiport which was allowed. While descending for Nairobi the left engine flamed out, the pilot informed ATC about the engine failure. 30 seconds after the failure of the left engine also the right engine flamed out. The pilot, being familiar with the area, elected to make an emergency landing at Ngong Racecourse. Approximately 11 miles (19 kilometers) from Nairobi-Wilson Airport.

The left engine (still attached to the left wing) with the fuselage in the background. (source AAID, Kenya)

With both engines off the aircraft made a gliding approach to the racecourse. At touchdown, the leftwing collided with trees adjacent to the racecourse. This caused the wing to break off, inboard of the left engine (including the left main landing gear). With the left-wing missing the aircraft spun 180º and came to a rest facing the direction it came from. The right-wing, engine and gear sustained extensive damage but did not separate from the fuselage. The nose wheel got damaged as well, as did the fuselage, but the latter remained intact. All windows in the aircraft remained intact. The propellers remained connected to their respective engine but sustained heavy damage (Twisted blades). Both the passengers and the pilot evacuated the aircraft uninjured. The accident is currently still under investigation by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Department (AAID) of Kenya. Their preliminary report is available below.

PreliminaryReport5Y-NJSBeechcraftKingAir26 March 2021 Ngong Racecourse
Download PDF • 1.14MB

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