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29th of March 2018

An ATR 72-600 required an engine ground run for a maintenance check at Mexico City-Benito Juárez International Airport (Mexico), in the early hours of this day in 2018. During the engine test run the aircraft jumped the chocks and accelerated forward. Apparently, the brakes were not set or held on by the staff, or a failure occurred in the (parking/emergency )brake system

The incident site (Source Twitter @JacdecNew)

As the aircraft accelerated forward the lefthand propellor of the ATR 72-600 struck the tail of a company ATR 42-500. The damage to the tail section of the ATR 42-500 was extensive;

  • Tailcone shredded up to the trailing edge of the vertical stabiliser

  • Rudder, lower half shredded

Visible damage to the ATR 72-600 was;

  • Spinner

  • Propellor

  • Engine inlet

  • Engine cowling

Non of the staff involved in the accident were incident

Damage assesment (Source @AeronewsGlobal)

Based on the FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual) Normal Procedures the parking is to be checked to be in the "PARKING" position, which means the parking brake is set to on, prior to obtaining start clearance.

Close up of the damage (Source Twitter @JacdecNew)

V2 Aviation has been unable to locate an investigation report on this incident. All information in this blog has been obtained from several sources on the internet.

A simple piece of advice; Always follow the Aircraft Maintenance Manual latest revision, or the latest revision of your companies engine run procedures!

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