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30th of June 2004

A Beechcraft 200 Super King Air was scheduled to operate a charter flight between Green Bay (Wisconsin, USA) and Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA) on this day in aviation history in 2004. On board, the aircraft were a pilot and 7 passengers.

The aircraft fuselage after being stripped of usefull parts

(source © Unknown) The weather is good for this early morning flight:

  • Wind - 210º / 3 knots.

  • Clouds - none

  • Temperature - 15ºC

  • Dewpoint - 14ºC

  • Altimeter setting - 30.06 inHg

All fligth preperations were completed without problems when just after 6.00 lt (local time) the engines were started. After the neccesary checks were completed and taxi clearance received the aircraft was taxied towards runway 24. (7699 ft long).

After receiving take-off clearance the throttles were pushed forward and the aircraft started to accelerate down the runway. The torque on both engines indicated 1600 pounds an the autofeather function of the propellors was armed, as indicated by the autofeather function annunciator lights.

At 95 knots the aircraft was rotated and started to climb and accelerated to 110 knots, at that point the pilot selected the landing gear up. As the gear was reracting the right engine lost power. The pilot decided toland the aircraft back on runway 24, andn selected the gear down again.

The aircraft in better days (source © Unknown)

As the aircraf touched down the landing gear had not been down an locked completely and the aircraft settled on its belly and came to a stop on the runway with ~2000 feet remaining.

Both propellors were examined by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and both showed similir damage, bending backwards. The right hand propellor was found to not be feathered, all landing gear doors were in the closed position. The aircarft was examined on the ruwnay, and both engines didnot reveal any anomalies. All rotating components were free to rotate by hand. The fuel pump and fuel controlunit of the right engine were bench tested and both operated normaly,

The NTSB determined that the loss of engine power could not be determined, and ths the probable cause of the accident was undetermined. The NTSB report is available by clicking here.

The arcraft was written off, as damaged beyond repair.

The center and aft fuselage (Source: Flickr © Unknown)

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