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30th of May 2009

An ATR 42-500, powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 engines, was operated on a domestic flight between Multan Airport and Lahore Airport in Pakistan. Onboard the aircraft for the approximately 200 miles (320 kilometers) flight, was a crew of four and 43 passengers.

The aircraft in its final position the morning after the accident (Source FlightAware © Unknown)

After an uneventful flight, the aircraft was on the approach to runway 36R at Lahore in (reportedly) gusty winds. (Unconfirmed sources on the internet give a wind around the time of the accident as 120º at 12-15 knots) After touch down the crew lost control of the aircraft, and the aircraft veered left off the runway onto the soft ground.

The aircraft continued on the soft ground and crossed a drainage ditch which caused the nose landing gear and main landing gears to fail and fold backwards. It then crossed runway 36L and finally came to halt, stuck in the soft ground, with the mainwheels just off the paved surface of runway 36L and the aft The aircraft just after the evacuation part of the aircraft sticking out over (Source © Unknwn) runway 36L

After coming to a stop the crew shut the aircraft down and an evacuation was initiated. Seven passengers received minor injuries and were treated at the airport. An investigation has been launched into the accident. Once the aircraft was recovered and the investigation on the airframe was completed the aircraft was repaired. The work was completed in October 2009 at Lahore Airport. Later the aircraft was flown to Karachi. The aircraft returned to active service after getting repaired areas painted at the operator's Engineering facility at Karachi Airport.

The repairs on the left main landing gear area and the lower nose section of the aircraft before painting (Source & © on the picture)

On the 7th of December 2016, the aircraft suffered an engine failure and crashed with the loss of life of all those on board.

**Editorial note**

V2 Aviation - Training & Maintenance has not been able to obtain an official investigation report into this incident. This blog was written using unofficial information available on the internet. In case of inconsistencies in this blog please get in touch with us via the comments section or the contact page.

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