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5th of September 2006

Today, in 2006, another family member of the Boeing 737 family took flight for the first time. The Boeing 737-900ER It is the Extended Range version of the Boeing 737-900, which is the longest variant of the Boeing 737 series. Three versions of the Boeing 737-900 were available;

  • The base model, -900

  • The Extended Range Version -900ER

  • The Business jet BBJ version

The Boeing 737 Next Generation program was launched in 1993 as the successor of the Boeing 737-300/400/500. Several structural system and improvements were made in the NG compared to it predecessor. A redesigned wing, with a bigger chord and span and bigger fuel capacity. Equipped with CFM56-7 engines it has a higher MTOW and a longer range. Also, the aircraft interior was upgraded, with a new interior design and a glass cockpit. Four (base)models are offered the -600/-700/-800/-900. In 2019 production of the B737NG was halted and replaced with the fourth generation of the B737 series is, the Boeing 737MAX.

The 737-900ER (during development known as the 737-900X), is the largest variant in the B737NG family. Aimed at the Boeing 757 market segment it is a direct competitor to the Airbus A321. Some of the changes compared to the basic -900 are an extra set of exits (aft of the wing) and a flat rear pressure bulkhead and a larger fuel capacity. The first production -900ER was rolled out of the Renton factory (Washington, USA) on the 8th of August 2006

The first Boeing 737-900ER, now the hybrid Boeing Lionair colour scheme note the additional door in the fuselage aft of the wing.

A total of 564 Boeing 737-900's have been delivered by b0eing;

  • 52 Boeing 737-900

  • 505 Boeing 737-900ER

  • 7 Boeing BBJ 737-900

In total, more than 7000 Next Generation B737's have been built.

Some specifications for the Boeing 737-900ER;

Length 138.12 ft (42.1 meters) Wing Span 117.42 ft (35.79 meters) Height 41.17 ft (12.55 meters) Engines 2x CFM56-7B @ 28.400 lbs thrust

Cruise speed 510 knots

Range 3235 nm (5991 km)

Celing 41.000 ft

MTOW 187.697 lbs (85.139 kg)

MLW 157.298 lbs (71.350 kg)

Fuel capacity 7837 gallon (29.666 liters)

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