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6th of June 2009

A 32-year old Fokker F-28 Fellowship 4000 was operating a domestic flight between Yang0n-Mingaladon Airport And Sittwe-Civil Airport in the Republic of Myanmar on this day in aviation history in 2009. Onboard the aircraft, a crew of 6 and 62 passengers.

The aircraft in its final position (Source; © Unknown)

A NOTAM (Notice to Airman - alerts pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the flight) was active for runway 11 at Sittwe Airport on this day, it alerted the crew about the;

  • Unserviceable Runway threshold and edge lighting

  • VASIS being inoperative (VASIS = Visual Approach Slope Indicator System) Click here for more info on VASIS

Reportedly the approach was flown in bad weather. A hard touchdown on runway 11 caused the right-hand main landing gear to collapse, this resulted in the wing striking the runway and being partly separated from the aircraft, Due to the drag, the crew was unable to keep control of the aircraft and it veered off the runway and crossed a ditch. A Close-up of the damaged nose section This resulted in the left-hand main

(Source; © Unknown) landing gear and the nose landing gear being ripped off the aircraft. The aircraft came to a stop after partly sliding through a fence. Three of the occupants received light injuries. One of them being the captain of the flight.

Close-up of the damaged right-hand wing (Source; © Unknown)

The damage to the aircraft was so extensive it was written off ** Editorial note **

V2 Aviation - Training & Maintenance has not been able to obtain an investigation report on this accident. This blog is therefore based on several internet sources. should there be an inconsistency in the blog don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There are two possibilities to do that, via the comments function at the bottom of this page or via the contact page of the website.

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